Bringing the beach to you

If you guys are anything like me, you hate the cold as well. The fact that I live in a place where the wind is so cold that it hurts my face is not something I particularly enjoy. That is why I decided to bring the beach to you guys (and also to myself), during these cold winter months. Anytime I walk outside, I like to imagine I’m someplace warm, but it doesn’t seem to work very well…. I also wanted to show you guys this picture because it’s one of my favourite pictures of the beach. This is because because I like the way the rocks curve in the picture which creates a contrast between the darkness of the rocks (like the shadow of the sun) and the light of the sun shinning on the ocean. The only thing I would change about this is the fact that there’s a green kite in the sky that I believe distracts the eye, and this is not where the attention of the viewer should be. I have to say I’m very proud of this picture because the clarity is something I have to improve on and in this picture I think it’s the best part of it since we can see all the little details. We also have a chance to see the gradation of the sky since it was taken in the afternoon.

Well hope you guys like it! Don’t forget to like, comment and/or share!

(sorry for being a couple of days late, end of term at school was pretty stressful)





2 thoughts on “Bringing the beach to you

  1. Can tell you spent a lot of time reviewing this one… “This is because because I like the way the rocks curve in the picture…” Also, I for one am a pure Canadian, and the cold frost bite that keeps me up at night is what I live for. Warmth and sunshine are overrated (crying on the inside).


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