My sister the model

Another week another blog post… this time I decided to introduce all of you to my beautiful sister. I appreciate her patience with my constant photo shoots, especially when I force her to stand at certain places for me (she still loves me anyways). I really love this picture because I like how the focus of the picture is towards her face which, lets face it, looks like a professional model look. Like Tyra Banks says “smizing” and I believe that’s what she’s doing. The picture quality is also very good by my standards although I don’t like the position of her shoulder. I wish it was moved a little closer to the edge of the photograph because I believe it takes the attention away. I also don’t like the shadow in the sand that we see in the background because it’s out of place. I do however like the fact that because the background is blurry, the towel she’s sitting on blends really well with the sand which is one of my favourite parts about this picture. The reason for that is because it creates a contrast between her and the background which makes her stand out even more.


Well guys I hoped you enjoyed! I’ll be back next week with another blog post. Don’t forget to like, comment and/or share!! Have a happy Valentines Day!




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