My Best Friend

I know I’m very late with this post but believe it or not, I was busy working on the essay for this project. But better late than never right?

So for this week, I decided to post another portrait since I believe that those are my favourite kind of pictures to take. Last March break, I went to a photography camp to learn a bit more about my camera and how to use it. This made me look through the pictures I took during that time and I decided to share with you guys my favourite one of them all. I really like this picture because not only does my best friend look fierce, but I also really like the background of the picture. Since the building has a corner, one side of the building is darker than the other because of the reflection of the sun and you can see this on my friends hair as well. The building turns dark at the same place that her hair does which I find lovely. I would however change the fact that we can see the “EOS” icon on her strap since I think it distracts the eye and seems as though I’m promoting it. Another thing I would change, is the fact that she is not exactly in the middle of the picture which bothers me more than it should. Another think I really like about this picture is the clarity of the photo. This is thanks to the sun which hits directly and makes her stand out even more which is perfect with the contrast of her face versus the building in the back.



My sister the model

Another week another blog post… this time I decided to introduce all of you to my beautiful sister. I appreciate her patience with my constant photo shoots, especially when I force her to stand at certain places for me (she still loves me anyways). I really love this picture because I like how the focus of the picture is towards her face which, lets face it, looks like a professional model look. Like Tyra Banks says “smizing” and I believe that’s what she’s doing. The picture quality is also very good by my standards although I don’t like the position of her shoulder. I wish it was moved a little closer to the edge of the photograph because I believe it takes the attention away. I also don’t like the shadow in the sand that we see in the background because it’s out of place. I do however like the fact that because the background is blurry, the towel she’s sitting on blends really well with the sand which is one of my favourite parts about this picture. The reason for that is because it creates a contrast between her and the background which makes her stand out even more.


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Bringing the beach to you

If you guys are anything like me, you hate the cold as well. The fact that I live in a place where the wind is so cold that it hurts my face is not something I particularly enjoy. That is why I decided to bring the beach to you guys (and also to myself), during these cold winter months. Anytime I walk outside, I like to imagine I’m someplace warm, but it doesn’t seem to work very well…. I also wanted to show you guys this picture because it’s one of my favourite pictures of the beach. This is because because I like the way the rocks curve in the picture which creates a contrast between the darkness of the rocks (like the shadow of the sun) and the light of the sun shinning on the ocean. The only thing I would change about this is the fact that there’s a green kite in the sky that I believe distracts the eye, and this is not where the attention of the viewer should be. I have to say I’m very proud of this picture because the clarity is something I have to improve on and in this picture I think it’s the best part of it since we can see all the little details. We also have a chance to see the gradation of the sky since it was taken in the afternoon.

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(sorry for being a couple of days late, end of term at school was pretty stressful)




Spain Trip

On the last two weeks of November, I went to Spain with my school. This was a trip that’s been planned since the beginning of my secondary 4 year and I was so exited about it. It took me so long to post about this because I didn’t think I would come back from a ten day vacation with 1,170 photos to choose from. This is why I thought I would spare you (and myself) by posting all of my favorites in one go.


Picture number 1: This was one of my favorite pictures because this view was absolutely breathtaking! Although I did not, under any circumstances, like the 10 minutes of climbing up stairs, I did however, love being able to enjoy the view. This also gave me time to catch my breath which was a bonus. This picture was taken right before I fell down one of the many spiral staircases in the tower which made my bum ache for a good half hour. Which was much better than breaking my camera since I was holding it at the time of the incident.



Picture number 2: This picture was taken at one of my favorite places visited during my 10 day visit of Spain: Gibraltar. The part I enjoyed the most about this place, other than the monkeys, was how we could see Africa and Spain in one place at the same time! On top of that, we could also see both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.  On this picture we can observe the lighthouse which is located at the viewpoint where we can see the oceans and the countries. What was the most amazing part of this whole experience was being able to cross a border by foot and to also cross a runway to get onto the island. It was one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life.The light house really sticks out in this picture, which is exactly what I wanted, because the colour red catches your attention since everything around is blue.



Picture number 3: Out of the many pictures I took of my friends, I’d have to say that this was my favorite of them all. Even thought the view behind is not the best one there is, I love how the shadow and the light on his face balance perfectly. For example, the light around his eyes of where he’s looking turns into a shadow on his cheek is what I live for. Every time I come across this picture, I always need to stare at it for a solid 10 minutes because I love it so much. This picture was taken on the second day of our trip when we were still in Madrid and I have loved it since then. This is why I couldn’t help but post this photograph.

(I had his permission to post this so no worries)



Picture number 4: Ah yes, another picture of Gibraltar. I don’t know what it is about this place that has me wrapped around its finger… Maybe it’s how beautiful the rocks are. Maybe it’s the way the rock is shaped. Maybe just maybe it’s because this place was as photogenic as a model. Who knows…… I do wish however, that there weren’t as many light posts and gates because I feel as though they take your attention off of the main picture: the mountain.



Picture number 5: Yup you guessed it, it’s another picture taken in Gibraltar. I couldn’t help myself though, the tree just came out so clearly. and the mountains in the background are mesmerizing. Not to mention the boats that are waiting for their turn to enter the port. It just looks so peaceful and calming….



Picture number 6: Alright last one of Gibraltar guys I promise! I will make this one short and sweet: I really like this picture because you can clearly see the focus on my friend and the background is blurry which is the affect I wanted to achieve. I like this about the picture because the red from his coat really makes him stick out from the blues of the background. Also, the dark colour of his jeans blend in with the dark colour of the wall which I think is pretty cool.

P.S not to worry I got his permission to post this



Picture number 7: Granada, which is where this picture was taken, was a beautiful city. We were lucky enough to visit the Alhambra mosque which is one of the most tourist visited places there which is understandable. the views were amazing, the architecture of the buildings were breathtaking. I could’ve stayed there for hours (until I got hungry that is). I would highly suggest visiting this place if you want to have a long relaxing and calming walk. It’s also a great place to take hundreds of pictures! One thing I particularly like about this picture is the people at the top left corner. They complete the picture in my opinion and made it so much better than originally thought.



Picture number 8: I’ll cut right to the chase, I love how symmetrical this picture is. I also like how it really makes you focus on the view in the background which is probably the reason I wanted to post this one so badly. I also just realized that the little ‘spikes’ sticking out look like miniature arrows pointed in the direction of the city. One thing I would change about this photograph would be how we can see the railing at the bottom. Although it doesn’t necessarily ruin the picture, it does catch the attention of your eye which is not the ides behind this picture.



Picture number 9: Every time you enter a building in Spain always, and I repeat, ALWAYS look up at the ceilings. The artistry in the paintings and the overall architectural design of the ceilings are amazing.  Which is why I wanted to share this beauty with you guys. The parts I like the most about this picture; the contrast between the top of the photo and the bottom (from light to dark), the symmetry of the photograph itself and the clarity of this picture. If there was one thing I would do to improve this picture, it would be to make sure that it’s straight. I say this because you see more of the ceiling on the right side than you do on the left.



Picture number 10: A big shout out t my best friend for being my model throughout the 10 days of traveling. I really like this picture because of how, even though the background is blurry, we are still able to see how beautiful it is. Finally, the overall clarity of the photo (the sun helped a lot I must say) on my friends face is what really brings this photograph together in my opinion. Next time, I would however make sure that I do not get the crane (it’s in the background) as so it does not clash with my picture.



Picture number 11: Must I even repeat myself? This architecture is just so beautiful. It’s so amazing how these were built such a long time ago and yet they still look as great as they used to. I have to admit, this is not my favourite part of this picture. I think the reason I enjoy this one so much is how light the picture is. I am the kind of person who likes to have relatively dark pictures and so this was a one time thing for me that I think I should keep doing since it looks like it brings out every little detail of the building itself.



Picture number 12: Last but definitely not the least, the tower we used as a reference point in case we ever got lost in Seville. No I didn’t take this picture in case I forgot what it looked like, but actually because I love how the tower is placed exactly in the middle of the frame. This makes a cool effect which makes it look as though the tower gets thinner and thinner as it gets near the top. I also like how clear the sky was and how the cloud is only on one side of the tower. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks so but I really don’t mind.



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My first photograph


In December of 2015; on Christmas day, to be more specific, I got the best present anyone could ever get me. I received a camera, which was probably the best gift I’ve ever been given since I had been asking for a camera for a while now (thanks mom). As soon as I opened that box I didn’t let go of my camera for the whole day. This was such a special moment that I decided to post the first picture I ever took with it, which is a picture of my cat. It was actually taken almost ten minutes after I unwrapped it.

I thought this was the perfect opportunity to put this photo up since, well, it is just my second blog post and I’m still getting used to this, but also because it would be easier to see my progress in photography if I showed you guys my first ever picture. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but to me this picture is pretty good for someone who was holding a camera for all of two minutes. Obviously I would’ve liked it better if her whole face was clear and not half blurry, but I like the fact that she is in the middle of the photograph. This helps to draw all of the attention on her face.

Hope you guys enjoyed, my plan is to hopefully post next week but knowing myself I make no guarantees… Please don’t hesitate to leave comments on anything you want to say , even if it’s to say I seem like a lonely cat lady because, I’m not going to lie, I pretty much am.


Happy Holidays



I don’t know what to say except: it’s Christmas and we’re all in misery. It’s cold outside and shoveling is a pain but hey at least we get to be fat and no one judges us for it. to bring a little Christmas cheer to all those in need of it,  I decided it was appropriate to make my first ever picture a jolly one (ha get it?).

To get this picture I decided to use one of my many tricks I learned when I took a photography class; to get up close and personal. I used manual focus instead of automatic focus in order to highlight the object (or ornament in this case) to make it ‘the star of the show’ as they say. My favorite part about this photograph would be how the lights shine onto the ornament which gives off different colors. My picture is a little too blurry for my taste but hey, it’s a start!

Feel free to leave any comments/suggestions on how to improve my photographs and blog posts it would be greatly appreciated!


First blog post

Hey there! My name is Kayla Tibaldo, I created this amateur photography blog because I’ve always had a love for photography and I wanted feedback. I also thought that this was a perfect personal project to get my high school diploma. I will try to post weekly but I make no promises… hopefully you’ll enjoy and don’t forget to follow!