My Best Friend

I know I’m very late with this post but believe it or not, I was busy working on the essay for this project. But better late than never right?

So for this week, I decided to post another portrait since I believe that those are my favourite kind of pictures to take. Last March break, I went to a photography camp to learn a bit more about my camera and how to use it. This made me look through the pictures I took during that time and I decided to share with you guys my favourite one of them all. I really like this picture because not only does my best friend look fierce, but I also really like the background of the picture. Since the building has a corner, one side of the building is darker than the other because of the reflection of the sun and you can see this on my friends hair as well. The building turns dark at the same place that her hair does which I find lovely. I would however change the fact that we can see the “EOS” icon on her strap since I think it distracts the eye and seems as though I’m promoting it. Another thing I would change, is the fact that she is not exactly in the middle of the picture which bothers me more than it should. Another think I really like about this picture is the clarity of the photo. This is thanks to the sun which hits directly and makes her stand out even more which is perfect with the contrast of her face versus the building in the back.


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